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AnoufaBear, a truly designer piece to be decorated by your little artist! Smile and unpack your 3D coloring book, grab a brush into your hand and go! Red ears? A long brushstroke? Why not! Get carried away by your imagination, mix colors, play with styles and create your own unique 3D coloring sculpture. Give your children a gift that will focus their attention much more than a flat painting. It will develop their imagination, make them sensitive to color, contrast or chiaroscuro. Invite your child to the passion of creating a small masterpiece - and who knows - maybe one day this passion will be shared with you.



Coloring Sculpture 3D AnoufaBear

  • Dimensions: 150x90x140

    Coloring Sculptures AnoufaBear are made in Poland. They also contain Polish paints from the renowned Otocki company.

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