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Ylan Anoufa

The contemporary visual pop-art French artist, in constant revolution, born in 1980. Known from iconic AnoufaBear metal sculptures covered with outstanding and unique graffiti layers, placed all over the world (Paris, Hong Kong, Macau, St Tropez, Courchevel, Miami, Ibiza, Beverly Hills, Warsaw). 


Anoufa´s art pieces are modern, humorous, and thought provoking - yet always with a positive message at it’s center. Over the past few years he has been combining his stylistic work with his passion of painting and sculpture, with his graphic showing his poetic inspirations. Ylan pay particular attention to color, harmony, space and form - elements that make his art vibrant, intense and visually striking.


He has recently started a series of collaborations with world-class artists such as Lenny Kravitz or the Rolling Stones, as well as lending his iconic bear to promote commercial brands such as Porsche or Barbie, and sporting events such as the ATP Master 1000 in Monte-Carlo. 


His lifestyle becomes an art. He is often participating with charities trying to recreate the harsh present and turning it into visual poetry. Always insisting to do what you love and presents his art to the world - “Be Yourself” at any time!



From the day the prototype was released, the artist created several hundred AnoufaBears sculptures from various types of materials (metal, aluminium bronze, resin) - each of them has it's own name, history, dedicated pattern. It is not possible to see two of the same AnoufaBears all over the world - each of them is personalized with attention to every detail.


Anoufa's giant bears immediately become iconic elements in the places where they are installed. The smaller bears are now a sought-after collector's item, and people from all over the world contact the Anoufa team to get their hands on one.

The hight of bears starts from 30cm and ends at 500cm - what macro-sized art piece Ylan Anoufa will surprise us with next time? Follow us!  👋🏻


The creator is not limited to three-dimensional forms - he opens his imagination on a flat space of glass or canvas paintings, creating a unique world of colors and forms.

Ylan is also known from the realization of wonderful city murals in public spaces (including in Hong Kong and Warsaw), full of love, joy and a heartwarming messages. Thus, it constitutes a significant cultural emblem throughout the entire breadth of the world using only a few simple tools.


The charming AnoufaBear can also be found in the digital space - series of virtual works appear at a dizzying pace in the NFT format. NFT' s, (non-fungible tokens), are blockchain-minted artworks with unique encryption codes which allow for verified authenticity and ownership. An NFT can be anything from a digital art piece to a song or whole music album.  Anoufa´s NFT can be purchased by collectors or investors, who are assured of owning a unique piece in a constantly expanding market.

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Anoufa and his outstanding pop-art pieces travel around the world. Each collaboration leaves it's mark - amazing and joyful AnoufaBear, painting or a capsule collection. All in the most prestigious locations, like Paris, Hong Kong, Macau, St Tropez, Courchevel, Miami, Ibiza, Beverly Hills, Warsaw and many others.